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Saturday, 9th December 2017
NB: most photos are only before or after the event, to avoid including children's faces in any photos. 
Monday, 19th December 2016
Saturday, 19th March 2016
Images from our first Messy Church, based around Palm Sunday and Holy Week
Sunday, 14th September 2014
Our Harvest Celebrations this year included the opening of the Pinata star to symbilise the abundance of gifts we are given by God, and the collec
Wednesday, 18th December 2013
Saturday, 27th April 2013
Pilots enjoyed a return visit to High Sports in Alton to do some indoor climbing.
Saturday, 23rd June 2012
It wasn't snowing, but a typical overcast summer day as Pilots hurtled down the ski slope in Aldershot.
Friday, 1st June 2012
Tuesday, 14th December 2010