Men's Breakfast

What We Offer

'Jesus said to them, 'Come and have breakfast.' (John 21.12)

A man sized breakfast: served with banter for blokes in our community!

You will have heard about our regular community breakfast for the blokes in this parish. We cook (collectively) and eat in St Mary's Parish room once each month. It is simply an event where we eat the food we are not allowed and talk about things that we find interesting. Every time is different except for the fact that each one is a refreshing change from the Saturday morning routine and the food and company are first rate!

This informal gathering of men from the village is for all those that enjoy the idea of general conversation and a good breakfast. We meet and cook the breakfast in our Parish room at St Mary's church. The idea of the group is simply to provide a place for the men in our village to get together for a relaxed and informal chat about things that are going on in our village and district. It is not that we would exclude women from participating but we find that the things that we typically talk about would probably appeal more to the blokes than the ladies in our village.

We all make a contribution to the cost of the food that we consume but also to the cooking and clearing away. The cost is £3 per breakfast but we do not expect people to leave hungry! Sometimes we make a little surplus and that is saved for weeks when we have guests come to talk to us about a topic of community interest. To be honest we have not had many speakers but there is an open invitation for anyone to earn a free breakfast if they are prepared to talk to us about an aspect of our community, a charity or some other good cause.

We have been running these breakfast sessions for over five years and hope that they will continue for many years to come. We typically expect a group of around ten people but our biggest breakfast had sixteen people seated at our table. Our hope is that we will grow the group of young, not so young and old until we struggle to cook enough food in the time available! The most important aspect of these events is that people in our village are meeting for no particular reason to talk about current things that are important to them and our community; no agenda and no pressure.