Staff Directory

The Rev'd Alexander Battey (Fr Alec)

My role

The Vicar is responsible for the pastoral care of everybody in the parish (whether they go to church or not!) He organises and conducts worship, officiates at weddings, baptisms and funerals. He visits the sick at home and in hospital, hears confession, and prepares the dying for death. He seeks to teach the christian faith by word and example, and prays for those who are placed under his care.

He bears the ultimate responsibility for the Church building and Churchyard, and represents the Church in the local community, helping to provide a focus for cooperation and goodwill.

About Me

Jesus calls us to Life in all its fullness. The purpose of my ministry, and that of the parish church as a whole, is to make that real in our own community. In schools and hospitals, at work and at play, in the warp and weft of our daily life.

The practice of prayer and worship and the celebration of the sacraments are a central and essential part of that, but they are meaningless unless the faith that drives them and springs from them motivates us to self-emptying service to those round about us.

My prayer is that St Mary's can be not only a sanctuary of peace, and a place of comfort, but a transforming and transfiguring place where people encounter the awesomeness of the Living God, and find themselves filled with strength and enthusiasm to live the Gospel.

Fr Alec is the Vicar of Old Basing and Lychpit. After training at Cuddesdon, he worked in the Team Ministry of Whitby with Aislaby and Ruswarp, in the Diocese of York, before serving for 4 years with the British Army as a chaplain.
His interests include History, Art, Poetry and Drama. He is married to Kath, and they have two children.