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St Mary's is fortunate to have a large number of people who volunteer to assist in the life of the Church. Below are some of the key people. Please contact us if you need information or assistance, and we will be happy to help.


Vicar The vicar of the Parish of Old Basing and Lychpit is the Rev'd Heather Leppard

The Institution Service for the Rev'd Heather Leppard was held on Wednesday 26th June, 2019

The Vicar is responsible for the pastoral care of everybody in the parish (whether they go to church or not!) He or she organises and conducts worship, officiates at weddings, baptisms and funerals. He or she visits the sick at home and in hospital, hears confession, and prepares the dying for death. He or she seeks to teach the christian faith by word and example, and prays for those who are placed under his care.

The vicar bears the ultimate responsibility for the Church building and Churchyard, and represents the Church in the local community, helping to provide a focus for cooperation and goodwill.



Church Officers

Ian Kershaw Churchwarden

With the clergy, the churchwarden shares the administration of the Parish, and the care of the church buildings.

They are the legal owners of all the movable property of the Church - they are responsible for the maintenance, safekeeping and availability of all the consecrated and unconsecrated goods and ornaments; have the right in law to remove from the Church and/or Churchyard anyone who is causing a disturbance or who threatens to do so.

They are responsible for all things financial but normally this is delegated to the treasurer; and they promote the whole mission of the church, which is pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical.

Trisha Renwick Churchwarden

Churchwardens are officers of the bishop. 

Each parish elects two churchwardens annually, and they are elected on or before 30 April and are sworn in between being elected and 31 July the same year. Churchwardens are elected at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting.

Administrative Staff

Debbie Filer Parish administator 07541 698235

The Parish Administrator is usually the first point of contact for day to day matters relating to church life.

She deals with booking Weddings, Baptisms and Funerals, enquiries about the Parish Room, and requests for information regarding the many services and activites that take place in the Parish.